Three smiling children standing in a classroom with arms around each other.

Speech and Language Therapy

Helping Kids Speak Clearly and Confidently

We provide your child with specialized speech and language therapy services in a supportive, parent-involved setting.

Speech Language Therapy

Helping Kids Speak Clearly and Confidently

We provide your child with specialized speech and language therapy services in a supportive, parent-involved setting.

How Can We Help Your Child?

From initial evaluations to ongoing therapy sessions, we offer a wide range of services designed to tackle speech, language, and communication issues.


We provide a range of therapy services to address: childhood apraxia of speech, pediatric dysarthria, articulation, phonological disorder, and language challenges.


Telehealth, consultations with caregivers or other professionals, and intensive therapy programs are available to keep your child’s progress on track.


We offer in-depth and thorough speech and language evaluations to diagnose your child’s specific communication needs, and we provide you with a full, detailed report.

A speech-language therapist is providing motor-based speech therapy to a child.

Why Choose Apraxia Dallas?


All of our speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have received extensive training in motor speech disorders, particularly childhood apraxia of speech. Our SLPs each hold a Master’s degree and the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence and are licensed by the State of Texas to provide speech therapy.

Caregiver Involvement

Parents and caregivers are asked to attend most if not all therapy sessions so that they are fully informed about their child’s goals, progress and how to best carry over at home. We find that children make faster progress when their parents and caregivers are educated about how to help them outside of the therapy room.

Talk & Play

Children learn through play and play is fun! We use age-appropriate toys and materials to both motivate and teach children during therapy.

About Us

We are a small private practice currently composed of 7 speech language pathologists providing services in Dallas, Hurst, Mansfield and through telehealth. Our team of certified speech-language pathologists specializes in comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment for children with a variety of communication disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), dysarthria, reading challenges/disorders, phonological disorder, articulation, and expressive and receptive delays, disorders and differences. Each therapist brings extensive training and a commitment to improving your child’s communication skills.

Apraxia Dallas Team Members


See How We’re Helping Our Clients

As a parent, you want the best for your child especially during his/her speech journey.  We have searched and traveled to multiple states in order to find the right speech apraxia based therapist for our child. We are very fortunate to have found Breanna Waldrup, who in our opinion is the best in the field . She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, genuine, caring and works with our child as a whole.  We are beyond thankful for Breanna and look forward to our child’s progression during his journey.


I have worked with Apraxia Dallas for almost 2 years now for my son and I can’t say enough good things about this business and each of their speech language pathologists. My son has had the opportunity to work with many of their SLP’s, including the owner, and I can truly say that each one of them has been patient, receptive, and intuitive on the best approach for him as a unique child. There is truly no place else I will take my son because of the passion, knowledge, and kindness they provide to their clients. 

Sierra C.

My daughter with Apraxia has been at Apraxia Dallas for two years. When my other daughter needed help with her “s” and “w” sounds, I was so happy to learn that Apraxia Dallas could help her also. Laura was simply amazing! She was so positive and kind and made speech therapy something to look forward to every time. My daughter was sad to learn her sounds so quickly and even joked about messing up on purpose so she could continue working with Laura!

Katherine L.

Apraxia Dallas was a game changer for my daughter with CAS. After a year with another SLP with no progress, we started seeing Breanna. Breanna, the owner of Apraxia Dallas, has worked with my daughter for only about year and we have made such amazing progress, we have gone from non-verbal with only signs, to now many words and a few phrases in a short time! The background and experience in Apraxia the SLPs have is unremarkable! We love Apraxia Dallas and want others to know how amazing it is!!

Becki F.