About Apraxia Dallas

Apraxia Dallas waiting room with teal and metal chairs arranged in a corner.
Apraxia Team Members at a Training Conference
Breanna Waldrup gives uses a funny walrus book during a therapy session.

Our Story

Apraxia Dallas, founded over 20 years ago by Kay Giesecke, is a small private practice composed of 7 speech-language pathologists. We treat children starting at two years of age with a variety of communication disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech, pediatric dysarthria, phonological disorder, articulation disorder, and receptive and expressive language delays, disorders and differences.


We evaluate and differentially diagnose communication disorders. Evaluations vary in length from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the age of the child and their abilities. A full, detailed report is included in the cost of all evaluations.


All of our speech-language pathologists have received extensive training in motor speech disorders, particularly Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Our speech-language pathologists each hold a Master’s degree and the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence and are licensed by the State of Texas to provide speech therapy.

Individualized Therapy

Our therapy is highly individualized to the needs of the child and the family. We adjust the length and frequency of therapy sessions based on what works best for the child and the family. Our therapy sessions target each child’s individual goals as well as use materials that will motivate the child and encourage them to communicate.

Family Involvement

Parents and caregivers are asked to attend most if not all therapy sessions so that they are fully informed about their child’s goals, progress and how to best carry over at home. We find that children make faster progress when their parents and caregivers are educated about how to help them outside of the therapy room. 

What makes our therapists different from other “Childhood Apraxia of Speech-trained” therapists?

All clinicians at Apraxia Dallas undergo extensive education and mentoring in motor speech disorders. Most clinicians shadow Breanna and other experienced team members for two to three months prior to starting to see clients independently. While shadowing, clinicians also attend numerous continuing education courses on childhood apraxia of speech and motor speech disorders. Ongoing consultation and mentoring occurs for all team members and everyone attends continuing education courses on motor speech disorders annually.

In addition to specializing in motor speech, some of our clinicians are also trained in Natural Language Acquisition, LAMP Words for Life, executive functioning, myofunctional therapy and more.

We offer:

  • Highly individualized therapy for the child
  • Parent and/or caregiver education during the child’s session
  • Flexible session duration and frequency
  • All therapy is performed by licensed and certified speech language-pathologists
  • Differential diagnosis of communication disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech
  • Consultations to equip families and professionals to facilitate the child’s communication
  • Offering in-person and telehealth services!


    Main Location – Dallas

    4220 Proton Rd, Suite 165
    Dallas, TX 75244
    By appointment only
    Monday – Friday

    Hurst Location

    227 NE Loop 820, Suite 202
    Hurst, TX 76053
    By appointment only

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning

    Mansfield Location

    Conveniently located near N 287 and Walnut Creek
    By appointment only
    On a limited basis: Monday – Friday

    Contact Info

    Telephone: (214) 384-7198

    Email: info@apraxiadallas.com


    Apraxia Dallas also provides telehealth to clients residing in:







    Caregivers are required to participate in telehealth sessions.