Frequently Asked Questions

Breanna Waldrup works with a flashcard in a therapy session with a young girl.

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Apraxia Dallas requires a parent/caregiver to be present and involved in the child’s therapy sessions. This allows the therapist to keep the parent informed on the child’s goals and helps the parent become familiar with techniques to help carry over at home. We find families that carry over proper home practice make considerably better progress.

This is a highly individualized decision based not only on your child’s needs and the research evidence but also on scheduling and financial constraints. The evaluator and/or treating clinician will discuss therapy frequency with you. Most children at Apraxia Dallas attend therapy twice per week, although some attend once per week and others attend three or four times per week.

For therapy, overall attendance of 75% is required. If attendance drops below 75% over a consecutive two-month period, your child’s therapy time might be forfeited.


There is not a certain age for an evaluation or for a child to be differentially diagnosed with a speech sound disorder. For a complete evaluation, the child needs to imitate a variety of words and produce some spontaneous speech. If a child is not able to imitate enough speech, the evaluator will examine the child’s medical and developmental history and explore apraxia therapy techniques.


We require an evaluation for all children prior to beginning services. Due to the thoroughness of our evaluations, we find that evaluations from other providers are typically not sufficient for treatment planning.


Apraxia Dallas currently has no therapy openings for new clients. When a therapy spot becomes available, the first person on the wait list is contacted to see if that therapy time works for them. If it does, an evaluation is scheduled. If, after the evaluation, the evaluator recommends therapy at Apraxia Dallas, then the child can immediately begin therapy.

Evaluations for local clients are scheduled when a therapy time becomes available. Evaluations take approximately 3 hours to complete and are generally scheduled on Wednesday mornings. At least one caregiver must be present for the evaluation.

Evaluations for out-of-state clients or clients that live too far from the Apraxia Dallas office for regular therapy are scheduled on an as needed basis. These evaluations also include records review, consultations with treating speech-language pathologists and trial therapy and are therefore billed at a different rate.

Email info@apraxiadallas.com or call/text 214-384-7198 to be added to the interest list for an evaluation. If you live outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area or in another state, be sure to include that information.

Therapy is scheduled once an evaluation has been completed. In most cases, available therapy time(s) will be discussed with you prior to confirming your child’s evaluation. You will receive a confirmation email detailing your therapy time, clinician, and start date.

Billing and Insurance

Invoices are sent via email. Invoices for evaluations are sent within one week after the evaluation; payment is due upon receipt and reports are not provided until the evaluation has been paid. Payment by credit card and electronic bank draft are accepted.

Therapy invoices are sent by the 3rd of the month for the previous month via email. Invoices are due by the 10th. Payment by credit card and electronic bank draft are accepted. Auto-draft from your bank account is available as a convenience.

We do not accept insurance and are not contracted with any insurance companies; all of our services are private-pay only. We provide an itemized bill with insurance codes that you may use to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not work with any insurance companies and can not provide any additional information to insurance companies beyond the invoice.

Cost of evaluations $375, including the report. There is a $25 discount if paying by check or with an electric bank account draft.

Other clinical services (therapy, consultations) are $150/hour, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

Apraxia Dallas has a few therapy scholarships available for clients unable to afford the standard rate. Contact us for more information and availability.