At Apraxia Dallas, we provide services focused on making your child’s therapy as convenient and beneficial as possible.


We conduct evaluations to differentially diagnose speech sound disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech, pediatric dysarthria, phonological disorders, and language challenges. Our speech-language pathologists have extensive knowledge and training in motor speech disorders so that they can reliably diagnose motor speech disorders. Learn more about evaluations.


We offer consultations with caregivers and professionals including speech-language pathologists, ABA therapists, teachers, and occupational therapists so that everyone in a child’s home and school environments is equipped to assist with the child’s communication. We also incorporate input from other professionals into our therapy sessions.

Breanna Waldrup is conducting a telehealth speech therapy session.

Professional Development Courses

Professional development courses (in-person, virtual or both) are available on a variety of topics related to motor speech, from beginner to advanced, for varying lengths (two hours, half-day, full-day, multi-day). Perfect for school districts, pediatric home health companies, private practices and pediatric outpatient facilities. Topics include differential diagnosis of speech sound disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and dysarthria, evidence-based treatment of motor speech disorders, suspected CAS, treating CAS + concomitant disorders, coarticulation and prosody, literacy, and residual challenges for individuals with a history of CAS.
Please visit for more information on Professional Development Courses.


For children that are not able to attend therapy in-person at an Apraxia Dallas office, telehealth may be an option. Telehealth is typically not appropriate for young children who are not able to engage with the clinician through a screen or who need higher levels of cueing, such as tactile (touch) cueing and/or simultaneous production. In addition, certain goals are not effectively addressed through telehealth. Caregiver participation is required during all telehealth sessions.

Breanna Waldrup sits on the floor holding a ring toy above her head while a toddler in gray pajamas reaches up towards it.

Intensive Therapy Programs

Apraxia Dallas is pleased to offer intensive therapy programs individualized for your child’s needs. Programs can consist of days and/or weeks and a variety of session lengths. For children that are not local to the DFW area, intensive therapy programs include a short evaluation at the beginning to determine treatment goals, plus a treatment plan and meeting to discuss future treatment plans. Please contact us to learn more and schedule your program.