Breanna Waldrup was an answer to our prayers. She had the specialized knowledge and experience to guide us through all the uncertainty and frustration that comes with CAS, and more importantly, she has a deep and genuine passion to help children overcome it. Breanna consistently demonstrates the highest level of competency and professionalism. We discovered Apraxia Dallas through our local speech therapist who eventually recognized that our oldest child was likely dealing with CAS, a condition that our therapist could not effectively treat. Our son was just older than three years when Breanna first evaluated and diagnosed his condition as a “moderate” CAS. She also mapped out an effective program for our son that also fit our personal situation. Living more than 2 hours from Dallas, we made trips for one-hour therapy sessions with Breanna each week in addition to our own daily sessions at home. Our son was officially dismissed from therapy just before his seventh birthday having achieved a peer-level assessment score of “average.” After therapy, our son’s speech has continued to improve and develop at a normal rate and his speech transformation seems to us as nothing less than miraculous.

Megan H.

We started our journey with Apraxia Dallas 5 years ago and, over that time, my son has gone from being non-verbal to being verbose and widely understood by most. While the apraxia journey is long and ever-changing, our therapist, Laura Bushong, has created such a positive experience and made it to where my son still loves attending speech and doesn’t mind the fact he probably still has several years of therapy ahead of him. We truly consider Laura as family and I feel incredibly indebted to both she and the Apraxia Dallas team. My husband’s job relocated, but we’ve decided to stay in Dallas largely because of Laura and Apraxia Dallas. I could go on and on about how fantastic our experience has been. I would, without hesitation, recommend Apraxia Dallas.

Jessica R.

Apraxia Dallas has been providing therapy to my child since the age of 2.5 when he was non-verbal and making little progress with traditional therapy of that age. Over the past 6 years, Breanna has treated my son and supported us as a family. She is always doing her best to accommodate to our schedule and continuously works to provide us with the most relevant therapy as we have progressed from a non-verbal toddler to an elementary student learning to succeed in both language and academics. The team members are all experts in their field, always up to date on research, and active members within the Apraxia community, both locally and nationwide. We highly recommend Apraxia Dallas for any child with an Apraxia diagnosis!

Angela M.

Breanna Waldrup is my daughter’s current SLP. Breanna has been hands down the reason why my daughter is on her way to overcoming CAS, and the reason she began kindergarten this year confident in her ability to speak to others and be understood. There are many things that set Breanna apart from the other 4 SLP’s that worked with my daughter before. Breanna strongly encourages parental involvement, which has increased my understanding of Apraxia and my ability to help my daughter. Breanna understands the frustration my daughter has with being asked to do something difficult for her, and she is absolutely amazing at working with the psychological aspects that come into play when working with a child who has Apraxia. Breanna is always kind, motivating, and encouraging. I gladly drive from Fort Worth to Dallas twice a week to get my daughter the absolute best therapy and I highly recommend Breanna and the team of SLP’s at Apraxia Dallas.

Katherine L.

Apraxia Dallas turned our child's life trajectory around 180 degrees and I can't imagine where her speech and development would be without all of their knowledge, experience, dedication and support. We are a bilingual household and although her therapists don't speak Spanish fluently, they have included me in the process to make sure they incorporate the language as part of her targets and goals. Because their approach has the child's best interest in mind, they treat the whole child and are fantastic at working with other professionals to provide comprehensive support that allows a child to grow and thrive in every way and in every environment. Our child's speech is far beyond where we thought it would ever be when we first started coming here, making the decision to move to Dallas for them to be able to support our child one of the best life decisions we have ever made.

Paula H.

I can't say enough about Mallory and the fantastic job she does with my son. He has Down syndrome and severe apraxia, so he is by no means an "easy case." But Mallory knows her stuff and when working with him I can see that she is addressing several things at once -- often with multiple tools -- and knows just how far to push without overwhelming him. I sit in amazement at every session, watching Mallory, to pick up whatever 1 can to use with my son at home. Mallory is an extremely skilled speech therapist, but what I find even more inspiring is the boundless energy, joyfulness and positivity she brings to her work. There must be days where Mallory is tired or frustrated, but I have yet to see one evident in her work. Mallory is beyond wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a speech therapist.

Karen M.

When my son was 2.5 years old we had him evaluated at Apraxia Dallas for suspicion of Apraxia of Speech. At that time he only had "go to sounds", but no real words. Within 3 months of therapy my son had a few words of speech. At the age of 3 he was officially diagnosed with Mild Apraxia of Speech. He has been with Breanna for 2 years now and speaks in full sentences that are about 80% intelligible to strangers. He still works hard at some of the more difficult sounds, but Apraxia Dallas has been a phenomenal practice in helping my son find his voice!

Angel C.

When we were first told our son had CAS we were shocked. We had never heard of it before and googling it only terrified us for our son's future. After some researching and reaching out for Apraxia specialized speech therapy, we read that Apraxia Dallas was the best. I called and scheduled an evaluation for their next opening and pretty soon Breanna confirmed his suspected diagnosis. We started therapy with Laura the next week and I am grateful everyday we did. My 3 year old son has gone from maybe 5 words to now speaking sentences in just a few months of therapy! There's always so much thought and planning behind every session. If my son gets restless and wants to sit on the floor, Laura is right there beside him. She always has a smile on her face and you can tell she truly loves her job. Even on our difficult days she has so much patience and encouragement with him. Seeing how my son has blossomed in these few months has made me not so fearful for his future anymore. I know he will continue to make great progress with Laura as his therapist. We are truly blessed to have her work with our son.

Rayann S.

Mallory has been such a blessing to our family. She immediately connected with my son in such a natural way that he always looked forward to going to see her. It was incredible to watch the progress that he made from being an unintelligible 3 year old to a kindergartener who doesn't stop talking! Mallory did a great job of always communicating the specific goals and educating me on how to work with him at home. She was so patient and gentle with him and took a personal interest in helping him improve his speech. His self-confidence grew leaps and bounds because of her loving approach. Our family is so thankful for Mallory and all that she did to help our son. We highly recommend her to everyone!

Allison B.