I had never heard of Apraxia when my daughter's pre-school teacher mentioned it to me. I started my online research immediately but was overwhelmed with all the information and I was nervous about how to get my daughter the help that she desperately needed. After the evaluation at Apraxia Dallas confirmed my daughter's diagnosis, Breanna put into place an easy-to-understand plan of action. For the first time since the mention of Apraxia, I felt relieved and hopeful. Once we started therapy, Breanna offered me endless tips and exercises that 1 still use when practicing at home with my daughter. Her professionalism and knowledge of Apraxia is astounding and the relationship she's built with my daughter is exceptional. My daughter is excelling in second grade, plays soccer and has lots of friends. She's expected to "graduate" from speech therapy in the near future! My husband, Mark, and I truly appreciate Breanna's expertise. We will forever be grateful for her and all that she's done for my daughter.

Alicia N.

When we first met with Jennifer, it was like finding a missing piece to our puzzle. From the very beginning, I felt like she just "got" us and our 5-year-old daughter with CAS. We've been to other SLP's, but Jennifer's personalized approach has been such a blessing to our family. During our time of social distancing, Jennifer found a way to not only make virtual therapy engaging, but we've seen tremendous progress! As a parent, there is no greater joy than being able to provide the best for your child, and Jennifer is a valuable, essential part of our team!

Jesica E.

Laura at Apraxia Dallas changed our life. My daughter Catherine had been working with a general SLP for a few years. She was making very minimal progress. We did not know at the time that she has CAS. When we were recommended to go in for an assessment, it was clear that this is where we needed to be

Once we started working with Apraxia Dallas we started to see progress! My daughter also loved her sessions bc Laura took the time to get to know Catherine’s interests. The formed a bond and we could even continue to do appointments virtually during the pandemic bc we live 2 hours away. I know from experience that the kid has to know and like their therapist in order for virtual sessions to work. I think that speaks volumes for Laura and her care. Catherine ended up graduating from speech therapy. This was something I did not anticipate we would be able to do when we first started at Apraxia Dallas. I fully credit Laura having the skills and knowledge to be able to get Catherine to succeed!

Stacy S.

Our daughter started seeing Mallory after a rather slow yearlong progression with a previous speech therapy practice. Frustrated by the slow progression and lack of diagnosis of our daughter's speech condition we made the decision to change speech therapists. We started seeing Mallory, and it was the best parenting decision we EVER made. A year later our daughter's graduation from speech therapy was one of the best days of our lives and a true reflection of the dedication and hard work Mallory had with our child. Mallory is consistent and works hard to show parents how to continue working with the child at home. She is fun and rewards good work, yet is diligent in making sure work is performed well. Mallory is a loving, kind and genuine person that truly cares.

Our family has been extremely blessed by Mallory's gift as a speech therapist. I simply don't know how we could recommend anyone more than her, much less anyone other than her for a child's speech therapy needs. Now a year out from graduating speech therapy, our daughter still asks when she can go see Ms. Mallory for speech again...a pretty high compliment, if you ask me.

Rebecca S.

We started with Apraxia Dallas when my son was 23 months old. Although he was younger than their typical patient at the time, he had 17 of the 24 indicators of CAS. He had two sounds - a and e. We'd been with a typical SLP for about 5 months prior and my son made no progress. Once we started with Apraxia Dallas, he made progress instantly. It's been over 21/2 years since we started therapy. He's got mild to moderate CAS, and today he can go to preschool and communicate with his teachers independently. He says hi and starts conversations with strangers in the grocery store. I've even had people tell me that they're surprised he has a language disorder. Breanna is like family now. My husband and I don't know what we would've done without her. Taking on a non-verbal two year old as a client was a hard job, and our son spent many session laying on the floor screaming out of frustration. Being two and not being able to talk was so hard for him. But, Breanna hung in there and with a lot of love and commitment helped our son learn to talk. We've got at least two years of speech therapy ahead of us, but we have hope today that our son will be able to speak just like everyone else. We will be forever grateful for all she's done for our son and our family

Amy G.

Our son, Sutton, is diagnosed with both autism and apraxia. There is nothing harder for a parent than to watch a child struggle and be unable to communicate. Before coming to Apraxia Dallas, we were filled with so many questions and uncertainties and it seemed no one could give us the “why” of our son’s communication barrier or the “how to” of addressing his delay. The therapists at Apraxia Dallas have done just that and truly given us answers and offered us avenues of expression for our son. Sutton’s compounding difficulties arising from his autism have not scared our team. Instead, they dig deeper and find alternative ways to truly reach Sutton on his level. On top of their wide knowledge base, everyone has shown us so much patience, grace and compassion. These ladies have shed tears with us, through the hard and the happy, and hearing his little voice and seeing the light in his eyes when he connects with us is truly something that cannot be put into words.

Logan and Mary-Katherine