Therapies We Offer

Motor-Based Speech Therapy

Children with motor speech disorders benefit the most from therapy based on the principles of motor learning that uses multisensory cueing, including tactile (touch), verbal, visual, kinesthetic and proprioceptive cues. Learn more about motor-based speech therapy.

Expressive and Receptive Language Therapy

Receptive language or comprehension is a fundamental part of communication. We strive to optimize a child’s comprehension as well as their expressive language, which may include the use of AAC. Expressive language disorders can occur on their own or in conjunction with other disorders, such as CAS.

Myofunctional Therapy

We refer, collaborate and consult with airway-centric professionals in our area. Our clinicians have received training in myofunctional therapy and are able to incorporate it into therapy. We offer the unique perspective of understanding how motor speech disorders and myofunctional disorders interact and how best to address these challenges.

Dennis M. Bradanese helps a little boy in a speech therapy session.

Phonological Therapy

Clinicians at Apraxia Dallas are trained and experienced in treating phonological disorders, whether these challenges occur on their own or in conjunction with a motor speech disorder. We use a variety of evidence-based phonological therapy approaches, including minimal pairs, the complexity approach, maximal oppositions and multiple oppositions, depending on the needs of the child.

Literacy Instruction

Many children with communication difficulties also experience challenges with reading. We offer evidence-based reading instruction that is individualized to the child’s communication needs and may include increased cueing and/or the use of AAC.

Natural Language Acquisition (NLA)

For children who are Gestalt Language Processors (GLP), clinicians at Apraxia Dallas follow an NLA approach to help the child reach their full potential.

Taylor Brechler uses an iPad in a speech therapy session with a little girl.

Focus Areas included in all Therapies

At Apraxia Dallas, we believe strongly in treating the whole child. Many children with motor speech disorders experience other challenges related to communication. If so, we incorporate these needs into the child’s therapy plan. Our goal is for the skills learned in therapy to translate outside the therapy room and positively impact the child’s everyday life.

Executive Function Skill Building

Executive functioning skills include our ability to organize, plan, inhibit, initiate, attend and more. These skills impact learning in all areas. As such, we include the development of these skills in therapy.

Social-Pragmatic Skill Building

Many children with communication disorders struggle with social-pragmatic skills. We include these skills as part of a child’s overall treatment plan so that as their other communication skills develop, their social- pragmatic skills progress at the same time. We offer both individual therapy and social groups.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Many children with motor speech disorders rely on AAC during their communication journey. We believe all forms of communication are valid and utilize Total Communication in our services. We include speech, sign language, and the use of communication devices, as appropriate for the child. All of our clinicians are experienced in AAC and several have advanced training in LAMP Words for Life.